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Preserving A Legacy


Inspired by the memories of his grandmother’s delicious cakes and pies, L. Monty Garside began baking at the age of 16. After her passing in 2003, Monty wanted to honor his grandmother's memory by learning to bake some of the treats that she baked for him and countless others throughout her life. What started as a hobby turned into a full-fledged passion, and in 2014, the full-time attorney-turned-baker founded Confectionist Bakery in his home kitchen. He began selling his cakes to friends and family during the holiday season - just like his grandmother used to - and now serves customers all over the country. Confectionist Bakery lives as a tribute to the life and memory of Ruth Elene Burns-Garside.

Sour cream pound cake

Quality Is Our Mission


At Confectionist Bakery, we use quality ingredients, craft quality desserts, and provide quality service. We take great pride in preparing our desserts with the care and attention to detail our customers enjoy and appreciate. That's why we say our desserts are "Artfully Crafted..."

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